Senin, 07 Juli 2014

Radio Stereo Joya 93.7

Stereo joya is radio station broadcasting from Mexico, the radio is popular FM online begining at The December 28, 1948 is given to Federico Obregon Cruces the first concession radio band frequency modulation and is assigned the 94.1 MHz to 1949 but is beginning its test transmissions.

And in May 1952 he began his formal broadcasts with a power of 3,000 watts and end broadcasting on June 26, 1957, when an earthquake demolishes the building where its offices are located.

Note: This station had no link with the XEJP-FM 93.7 MHz Stereo Joya de Grupo Radio Centro that broadcasts beginning in the year 1973 season.

More info just Stereo Joya website